iLevel seat elevation technology by Quantum Rehab is now in use by more than 30,000 consumers, the Duryea, Pa-based company shares as it readies for the launch of its new Edge 3 Stretto early next year.
iLevel, a power seat elevation system released in 2015, is also one of the main driving factors behind the creation of the Edge 3 Stretto.

As iLevel elevates, the power base reinforces stability electronically and mechanically to ensure safety at 12 inches of elevation while driving up to 4.5 mph. It features the patented Extra Stability Technology, designed to enhance safety for transfers, reach and numerous other activities of daily living.

“We are very excited and humbled to see the continued success of iLevel technology throughout the industry,” ay Brislin, Vice President, Quantum Rehab, says in a media release.

“iLevel has proven to provide clients with higher levels of independence throughout their daily lives and this is only the beginning. With the continued client success stories we have seen with iLevel, it was only appropriate to incorporate this technology into our next new exciting Group 3 product launch, the Edge 3 Stretto.

“The Edge 3 Stretto is designed to allow for all power positioning functions in a much narrower footprint than most Group 3 product offerings to not only solve the needs of adult clients, but to reach milestones never achieved before for the pediatric power population. The narrow footprint of the Edge 3 Stretto combined with the advanced performance of iLevel will provide pediatric clients the ability to navigate within their environment and reach new heights in functional mobility that they haven’t been able to achieve before,” he continues.

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[Source: Pride Mobility Products]