Mako Medical Laboratories announces a rideshare partnership with GoKart Kids and GoKart Transportation, a transportation service similar to Uber and Lyft but focuses only on children and patients.

A unique feature about GoKart Kids and GoKart Transportation is that it hires off-duty police officers, EMS workers, and firemen as drivers, according to a media release from Mako Medical.

“We are excited about this new partnership. This service fills a huge void in the health care market. Most medical practices still have a 20% no-show rate because patients still struggle to find reliable transportation. The fact that GoKart Kids and GoKart Transportation focuses on children made our team feel very comfortable partnering with them,” says Chad Price, president of Mako Medical, in the release.

Mako Medical has also started offering the service to its employees as a company benefit. “We have lots of busy moms and dads–this allows them to coordinate transportation to daycare, after school events for their kids, and sporting events without ever having to leave the office,” Price adds.

[Source(s): Mako Medical Laboratories, PRWeb]