HealthStream and Medline announce a new strategic alliance that will offer a range of workforce-development and quality improvement programs to help long-term care providers, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, and home health and hospice organizations, meet changing regulatory requirements in their state.
The last quarter of the year will be especially daunting for providers as they face a handful of new CMS-mandated regulations, including phase three of the Requirements of Participation (RoP) and its corresponding implementation. The new strategic alliance between the two companies will champion and expand HealthStream’s specialized workforce development programs, including a “Compliance Essentials Program” and “Professional Development Program” that drive clinical development and meet compliance requirements. Each program provides a comprehensive solution to an important, urgent need and is comprised of the specific content, platform functionality, and tracking components required to drive success.

“Delivering our workforce development programs to professionals across the full continuum of care represents a great opportunity to improve the quality of care delivery, which has always been our primary aim,” says J. Edward Pearson, president & COO, HealthStream, in a media release.

“Our new strategic alliance with Medline is timely for HealthStream—as it expands our reach in the long-term care space quickly and efficiently,” he adds.

For years, HealthStream and Medline have each shared a strong commitment to delivering highly effective workforce solutions, including those focused on the ongoing education of healthcare employees. The new strategic alliance builds on each parties’ expertise and shared vision to improve the quality of care delivery.

“While no two healthcare providers have the exact same needs and requirements, it is critical that they all develop a competent workforce that will help meet their regulatory requirements,” states Shawn Scott, vice president of strategic business development for Medline’s Post-Acute Care division, the release continues.

“This strategic alliance offers the opportunity for Medline to tap into the experts at HealthStream that have extensive regulatory experience and can position our customers to achieve long-term success.”

As part of the strategic alliance, Medline will continue its exclusive agreement to offer HealthStream’s abaqis, a quality improvement program used by skilled nursing facilities.

[Source(s): HealthStream, Medline, Business Wire]