Richmond L. Taylor, executive vice president of Hanger, Inc and president and chief operating officer (COO) of its patient care business Hanger Clinic, is set to retire effective December 31, 2014, according to a company news release from the Austin, Texas-based Hanger, Inc.

Following 8 years of service in the US Air Force and more than a decade in a variety of healthcare management positions, the release notes Taylor entered the orthotic and prosthetic (O&P) business in 1989. Taylor spent the next 25 years in the industry and joined Hanger as executive vice president, and president and COO of Hanger Clinic in July 1999 as part of the NovaCare O&P acquisition where he had served as COO since 1996.

The release states that throughout Taylor’s 15-year tenure as president and COO of the Hanger Clinic, he has worked to build a new field leadership structure that harnessed organic growth, adapted substantial improvements to the Hanger Clinic business model, and directed the adoption of the new Hanger Clinic brand.

Additionally, Taylor reportedly helped drive key infrastructure investments that include a new product purchasing portal and the ongoing implementation of electronic health records. The release also notes that with the help Taylor’s leadership, Hanger’s patient care business increased from 600 locations and $447 million in revenue in the year 200 to more than 740 clinics and $873 million in revenue in the year 2013.

Vinit Asar, Hanger president and chief executive officer (CEO), re-articulates Taylor’s efforts, stating that he has “shepherded the consistent, significant growth and strategic operations of our core business in orthotic and prosthetic patient care.”

“He is a savvy enterprise executive who drove the substantial expansion of our national footprint, while ensuring the voice of the clinician was heard at all levels of our organization.  Due in large part to his dedication and cross-portfolio prowess, Hanger Clinic is well-positioned for continued growth and development,” Asar adds.

Source: Hanger Inc