World Patent Marketing announces the invention of the Hydro-Chair, which was designed to help patients get in and out of wheelchairs.

“Nurses, doctors and caregivers usually end up with bad backs when they constantly assist patients in and out of a wheelchair,” says Jerry Shapiro, director of manufacturing and World Patent Marketing Inventions, in a media release from World Patent Marketing. “The Hydro-Chair helps medical staff assist patients in and out of wheelchairs without having to carry all the weight and injure their backs.”

The Hydro-Chair consists of a hydraulic, a seat belt, a remote control, and reflectors on the wheels. To use the device, lock the wheels in place, place the seat belt across the patient, ensure the patient’s feet are flat, and press the remote control until the desired height is reached.

“I envisioned creating the Hydro-Chair during the time my father was diagnosed with cancer,” says inventor Lamisha F, in the release. “We needed to help lift him up and down due to his inability to walk and I thought that it would be easier on everyone if a wheelchair had reclining features.

Mary Smith, a caregiver from a retirement home in California, notes in the release that, throughout her day, she is constantly helping people get in and out of wheelchairs.

“This task takes a tall to my back and by the end of the day, I am in such pain from all that bending. With the Hydro-Chair, I am now able to assist them into their wheelchair or out of it with less effort and stress on my back,” she states.

World Patent Marketing is an innovation incubator and manufacturer of patented products for inventors and entrepreneurs, according to the release.

[Source(s): World Patent Marketing, PRWeb]