Invacare has introduced its new unilateral Internet Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy for the US, which is applicable to all US customers who sell and market Invacare products over the Internet (or “E-Commerce Providers”).

A company news release from Invacare notes that the Elyria, Ohio-based company is adopting this policy to encourage all of its E-Commerce Providers to promote and invest in the marketing, pre-sales and post-sales services, and support of certain Invacare products in the US in a manner that will promote and preserve the intended premium status of such products.

Judy Kovacs, vice president, customer service and sales operations, states, “Invacare recognizes that our E-Commerce Providers continue to invest their resources and efforts behind those premium products that allow for maximum return and maintain strong consumer loyalty.”

In turn, Kovacs adds, “We must continue to recognize those providers who offer superior customer service and product selection on a broad level, and that is the overriding purpose of this policy.”

According to the release, the MAP Policy will apply to the advertisement by E-Commerce Providers of certain Invacare products that Invacare shall designate from time to time as “MAP Products.” For each MAP Product, Invacare will specify a MAP Price, which will constitute the minimum advertised price for such products.

See the MAP Policy, MAP Product list, and pricing here

[Source: Invacare]