Hocoma, together with Saebo, bring forth the Saebo Mas Mini and the ArmeoSenso, built as a way to help improve the training possibilities for patients with moderate to mild impairments of the upper extremities.

“Saebo is committed to helping patients around the globe achieve a new level of independence,” says Henry Hoffman, co-founder of Saebo, in a media release. “Together with an industry leader such as Hocoma, we believe we can maximize the potential of our affordable and evidence-based solutions.”

“We are very excited to be working with Saebo,” adds Hocoma CEO and co-founder Dr Gery Colombo, in the release. “Neurological disorders afflict thousands of people each year and by teaming up with another leading player in the industry, we expect to be able to help even more patients recover faster and with better long-term outcomes than conventional rehabilitation therapy can offer.”

Both companies plan to deepen their partnership in the future to develop additional solutions.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide all patients with a compact, affordable rehabilitation solution – regardless of the specific body parts affected by neurological damage,” Colombo shares in the release.

[Source(s): Hocoma, Business Wire]