Frontiers is seeking new content that ties neurorehabilitation to occupational therapy as part of a new Research Topic, it announces.

Neurorehabilitation is offering promising ideas to help patients with neurological and cognitive disorders. Recent studies have suggested that new technologies, such as neuroprosthetics, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, non-invasive brain stimulation, virtual reality and robotic-assisted training, enhance the effectiveness of OT and NR strategies. Brain imaging technologies, such as EEG, MEG, functional MRI, and near infrared spectroscopy are also providing non-invasive and objective outcome measures of OT and NR, Frontiers explains.

Original papers, reviews, case reports, general commentary, and opinion focusing on these new features and approaches in occupational therapy and neurorehabilitation are welcome.

Submit manuscripts to Frontiers in Human Neuroscience Brain Imaging and Stimulation. Deadlines to submit are July 12 (abstract) and November 15 (manuscript).

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