Brooks Rehabilitation announces a new partnership with SONIFI Health to install an interactive technology system in each of the patient rooms.

The platform integrates with the facility’s electronic medical record system to provide personalized experiences with information that’s updated in real time, according to a media release.

The in-room display automatically shows each patient’s care team and schedule of appointments for the day, as well as educational videos to learn more about their condition or recovery including their prescribed medications. Therapy appointments, an electronic whiteboard, patient feedback and a custom hospital orientation video including services and amenities are also integrated into the system.

In their downtime, patients can use the system to access a variety of former patient stories, movies, channels, music options, and relaxation and spiritual content — all positive distractions to offer an engaging, entertaining and calming environment for patients in their rooms. 

Everything on the system is available to the patient on demand through a bedside device, giving them full control of accessing the information and content they want at any time, the release continues.

“Brooks Rehabilitation is committed to exceptional service and providing patients an outstanding experience. Our focus – for 50 years – is guiding people through recovery and beyond. We continuously look for innovative, effective solutions to provide our patients and staff with the best possible outcomes,” said Michael Spigel, President and COO, Brooks Rehabilitation, in the release. “SONIFI Health’s reliable, efficient and user-friendly technology is a perfect fit to help deliver on our mission. We’re excited to further expand SONIFI Health’s technology and services in the Brooks Rehabilitation system of care.”

“We’ve admired Brooks Rehabilitation’s dedication to improving patients’ lives for many years — it’s been an honor for our SONIFI Health team to work with them,” adds Roy Kosuge, General Manager at SONIFI Health. “We’ve had great collaboration with them as we customize our solutions to assist staff with their work, while also providing patients and their families on-demand access to the education and information they need, as well as the entertainment and positive distraction they want. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Brooks Rehabilitation and their storied continuum of care.”

[Source(s): Brooks Rehabilitation, PR Newswire]