Revenue strategist Timothy Gendreau discusses measures to raise reimbursement and the perceived value of physical therapy among payors in this exclusive Rehab Management video. Gendreau says if PTs don’t use data, processes, and information to make the value of their services provable, payors will continue to shrink payments: “You have to lie down to be a doormat. This industry has been a doormat.”

This video interview was recorded just before Gendreau addressed attendees as the iPTCA 2015 Conference, in Irvine, Calif.

Gendreau, founder and principal of The Gendreau Group, Encinitas, Calif, explains the framework of a data-based strategy that provides evidence that proves the value of physical therapy in the overall episode of care. This approach, he says, can add critical support in building a sustainable future for the physical therapy industry.

“It’s a great idea to talk about outcomes, and say, ‘Outcomes are going to be what we measure everything by,’ ” Gendreau explains, “but you can’t have the legislation, you can’t have the payors, you can’t have the providers all saying outcomes is the right thing to do if no one has defined what an outcome is. Or what it will take to measure an outcome.”

Gendreau’s interview begins at 3:20 in this video report.

The complete video also includes comment from John Wallace, PT, about how clinics should prepare for the transition to ICD-10. Paul Gaspar, DPT, president of iPTCA, also adds perspective about plans he expects will be set into motion as a result of ideas exchanged at the conference.

—Frank Long, Rehab Management