Clalit Health Services, an HMO in Israel, and GaitBetter, a provider of a motor-cognitive intervention for gait rehabilitation and fall prevention, are partnering to bring GaitBetter’s innovative system to Clalit’s 4.7 million patients. Clalit will use GaitBetter’s systems in locations across Israel.

The GaitBetter system offers a solution that fits many of their patients’ indications, Clalit notes.

“We are happy to add GaitBetter’s motor-cognitive therapy to our rehabilitation and physical therapy clinics. This is another step in our continuous commitment to provide the best technologies and rehabilitation services to our members and communities.”

— Igal Lebran, Chief Physiotherapist of the Clalit Health Services

This follows GaitBetter’s recent US market launch, where a growing number of leading rehabilitation centers, physical therapy clinics, assisted living facilities, and continuing care retirement communities are already using GaitBetter’s solution.

Adds VR to Treadmills

The GaitBetter digital therapeutic solution adds a virtual reality (VR) experience to any treadmill and provides a personalized and clinically validated motor-cognitive intervention that results in improved gait and brain functions leading to fewer falls and better quality of life. In over 18 peer-reviewed studies, GaitBetter demonstrated its efficacy and benefits in neurologic and orthopedic gait disorder rehabilitation.

“It was great working with the Clalit team during their evaluation process. They are professional and dedicated to a high level of care. We’re looking forward to a continued collaboration in the years to come.”

— Idan Abukassis, GaitBetter’s Chief Operating Officer

“Between the two largest HMO providers in Israel, Clalit Health Services and Maccabi Healthcare Services, more than 80% of Israel’s adult population now have access to GaitBetter’s digital therapeutic gait rehabilitation and fall prevention solution.”

— Hilik Harari, Co-founder/CEO, GaitBetter

”We are geared to achieve the same success in the USA in 2022,” adds Hilik.

GaitBetter adds a virtual reality component to treadmill training to allow patients to practice real-life situations such as walking in a park or busy city streets while in the safety of the clinic.

GaitBetter’s “personalized exercise” approach combines virtual obstacles with decision-making, memory, and attention skills to improve dynamic balance, endurance, gait strategies, and cognitive abilities. In combination with other product features, GaitBetter increases gait and cognitive skills, improves self-confidence, and decreases accidental falls, according to the company.

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