Medical Protection Technologies, Friday Harbor, Wash, announces that it has partnered with Milwaukee-based senior care healthcare products distributor Direct Supply Inc to distribute its next generation Fall-Safe Hip Protectors. As part of a special promotion, the company reports that Direct Supply Inc will offer reduced pricing on the Fall-Safe Hip Protectors through the end of June.

Fall-Safe Hip Protectors feature pads are made from shock-absorbing material D3O, which, according to the company, are soft and flexible in their natural state, but if a fall occurs, instantly become rigid upon the moment of impact and then revert back to their original state afterward.

Medical Protection Technologies CEO Stephen Robins, MD, says he is pleased to partner with Direct Supply Inc, as the company has “a long history of leadership in the senior living industry, with a particular focus on preventing falls and fractures,” he points out in the release.

Also, Robins says in the release, since hip fractures also impose an enormous economic burden on patients, families, healthcare facilities, and society, the Fall-Safe Hip Protectors are designed to last for at least 3 years.

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[Source: Medical Protection Technologies]