Biodex Medical Systems Inc announces enhancements to its balance testing and training devices, the Balance System SD and portable BioSway, to provide more accurate testing and more engaging training to patients and athletes.

The company will showcase these new options at the NATA AT Expo in Las Vegas on June 25-27, Booth #2750.

The new features include FreeSway Handles for the Balance System SD. Described by the company in a media release as “balance training wheels,” the handles are designed to help users to feel stabilized and secure without impeding postural sway. They “float” securely within support rings that catch the handles if a user sways too far or loses their balance.

Another feature is new gaming software. Recovery Rapids – a river rapids adventure game – challenges users to power a boat downstream, steer around bends, collect items, and avoid obstacles via weight-shifting on the computerized platform.

Originally developed for the upper extremities, Biodex partnered with Games That Move You to adapt the game to its balance devices to help enhance enjoyment during exercise sessions, as well as boost training outcomes through high-repetition practice.

Recovery Rapids is included in addition to the collection of single- and dual-tasking games already programmed into the system, such as a Ball Maze and Catch Game, according to the company.

“We are always thinking of how we can help trainers and therapists overcome challenges to get the best result in the shortest amount of time,” says Ed Behan, senior vice president of market development at Biodex, headquartered in Shirley, NY.

“We’re excited to make these new tools available for the Balance System SD and BioSway.”

Because of their tracking and reporting capabilities, the Balance System SD and BioSway are widely used by high schools, colleges, and professional sports teams to add an objective balance assessment component to a concussion management program. The devices also help enhance performance by demonstrating functional deficits and challenging athletes to improve.

[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]