Invacare Corp, Elyria, Ohio, has filed a lawsuit against Medical Depot Inc (Drive Medical) for infringing several utility patents and one design patent related to adjustable hospital beds and rollators, says a statement issued by Invacare.

The patents concern Invacare® Universal Bed Ends, beds incorporating the Universal Bed Ends, and the Invacare Rollite rollator, says the company.

Invacare’s Universal Bed Ends were designed to allow providers to better manage their bed product inventory, says the company. Invacare’s exclusive patented design allows a bed end panel to be used at either the head end or the foot end of the bed, an interchangeable feature that helps eliminate confusion during delivery and helps make setup faster and easier for providers.

The Rollite rollator is innovative, because it features an upwardly pivotal seat that allows the Rollite to fold, which makes the Rollite portable and easy to store, with the added benefit for the consumer of being able to rest on a stable seat when the product is in use, says the company.

The lawsuit seeks a judgement that Drive Medical actively and willfully infringed upon Invacare’s patents, and asks the court for injunctive relief and an order directing Drive Medical to destroy all existing products and advertising material that infringe the contested patents, says the company.

Invacare Corp, which markets its products worldwide, manufactures and distributes home and long-term care medical products that help promote recovery and active lifestyles.

[Source: Invacare]