A bariatric floor lift engineered to accommodate a weight capacity of 700 pounds is available through the Toronto-based company Prism Medical. The FGA-700 Bariatric Floor Lift features lightweight, aluminum construction to ease maneuvering and navigational capabilities. The product can also be used in gait training, according to the company’s website, and is designed to provide smooth and stable support during therapy sessions. A quick release design for the carry bar is intended to allow for easy removal and the product’s double support bars are built to deliver strength and positioning. The FGA-700 Bariatric Floor Lift’s lifting range allows for the client to be lifted from the floor, the site says, and its mast can be assembled in three different height mounting positions to enhance the maximum or minimum height desired. The 360-degree turn capability of the carry bar aims to provide the most caregiver control during lifting and positioning without interference with the mast or boom. For more information, visit www.prismmedicalinc.com [Source: Prism Medical]