ReWalk Robotics Ltd. today unveiled its new corporate branding to officially begin doing business as Lifeward, a company with the goal of delivering life-changing solutions to revolutionize what is possible in rehabilitation, recovery, and the pursuit of life’s passions in the face of physical limitation or disability.

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“With the recent addition of innovative solutions like the AlterG Anti-Gravity systems to our portfolio, we have surpassed the vision of our original name,” says Larry Jasinski, CEO of Lifeward. “The transformation of ReWalk Robotics into Lifeward speaks to the broader goal of the company to be the driving force to elevate the standard of care in overcoming physical limitations and disabilities to empower individuals to do what they love.”

Lifeward logo
Lifeward logo. Image: Lifeward

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“Under the Lifeward brand, our newly combined commercial team will represent our full portfolio of solutions as a unified entity,” adds Charles Remsberg, chief sales officer at Lifeward. “We believe this will allow us to drive growth for our business through better support of our customers across the rehabilitation spectrum. We have a portfolio of innovative solutions designed to assist individuals in achieving their goals through improved functional and health outcomes – in the clinic as well as in the community.”

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Starting today, the company will begin doing business as Lifeward. Additionally, beginning January 30, 2024, the company’s ordinary shares will begin trading under the new Nasdaq stock ticker: LFWD. The new corporate website is available at and showcases the full portfolio of solutions, including the ReWalk Personal Exoskeleton, AlterG Anti-Gravity systems, the ReStore Exo-Suit, and MyoCycle FES systems.

To learn more about the new Lifeward identity and mission, visit

Featured image: Dreamstime