Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network announces it has added two new Trexo Plus robotic exoskeletons to its collection of rehabilitation technology that helps children walk — maybe even for the first time in their lives.

Good Shepherd offers all three sizes (small, medium and large) of the Trexo, wearable robotic exoskeleton technology that helps children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, pediatric stroke, spinal cord injury, gait disorders or other mobility challenges, according to a media release.

“This life-changing technology allows Good Shepherd to transform lives through leading-edge rehabilitation care. Nothing quite compares to seeing a child smile as she begins to walk for the first time, or the emotional reaction from her family.”

— Michael Spigel, PT, MHA, President & CEO of Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network

Hands-Free Walking

Trexo’s brightly colored robotic legs allow children to walk hands-free in a safe, correct and consistent manner, all under the watchful eye of trained Good Shepherd Pediatrics staff members. Children can walk farther as they gain strength through the weight-bearing design.

Good Shepherd received its first Trexo device, a medium for children ages 3-6, in 2019. Now, children from ages 1 to their late teens have access to the technology. The large device also has the potential to fit some adults, the release continues.

“From the smallest Trexo to the largest size, our pediatric rehabilitation clinicians can now help a greater number of children achieve optimal walking patterns at a crucial time in their development. The technology helps children build new pathways in the brain to learn or relearn motor patterns, prevent future delays in development and strengthen bones.”

— Amanda Kleckner, PT, DPT, administrative director of Good Shepherd Pediatrics

The Trexo technology is available exclusively at the south Allentown-based Good Shepherd Health & Technology Center.

Good Shepherd is conducting a research study into how the device impacts children with cerebral palsy. For more information, call 1-888-44-REHAB or visit Good Shepherd Pediatrics.

The new Trexo Plus devices arrived as a result of gifts from the Good Shepherd Women’s Giving Circle and the Greater Lehigh Valley Auto Dealers Association (GLVADA), per the release.

“Thank you to the Good Shepherd Women’s Giving Circle and GLVADA for their generous support of Good Shepherd Pediatrics and the families for whom we care. We are grateful to both organizations — and all of our philanthropic partners — for sharing our vision.”

— Michael Spigel, PT, MHA

[Source: Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network]

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