In the book, Rehabilitation Centers from the Inside Out, author Donald Drogos provides an easy-to-read roadmap for those on the journey of assisted healing, written for anyone considering treatment but unsure of what to expect.

Drogos shares tips and education he has learned from his many years spent in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation as a result of his various health issues.

In the book, he lays out the whole process, along with common situations and pitfalls to look out for, from the point of decision to go to a center, choosing a center, signing up, touring the facilities, special needs, dealing with others, managing the first night, managing health and activities, finding encouragement, undergoing testing, and finally preparing to leave the center a changed person, notes a media release from Christian Faith Publishing.

“If you opt to go into a rehab center, the first thing you have to do is find a rehab center that would best meet your needs. But there are so many that are often in your area that it may be a difficult decision,” he writes.

The first thing to check is the smell. If the smell of urine or anything else offensive is on hand, I strongly suggest you continue to look. Usually, that is an indication that they don’t take care of the facility in a manner that would satisfy your needs.

Also, ask to look at their physical and occupational therapy room (s). If there is not much there, you don’t want to be there. Check the general overall condition of the facility. It can be antiquated or fairly modern.

Most people are more comfortable in the up-to-date facilities. The architecture in itself can often be a teller as to the adequacy of the facility.”

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[Source(s): Christian Faith Publishing, PRWeb]