The EyeOn eye tracking platform, new from EyeTech Digital Systems, Mesa, Ariz, is designed to enable people with mobility and motor impairments to select, type, and speak entirely hands-free, using eye movement to control the device.

The device measures ¾-inch thick and weighs less than 4.5 pounds. Users can navigate the internet, select items by gaze input, and communicate through text-to-speech with text and symbols using only their eyes. Its algorithms capture the user’s eye movements and translate them into precise mouse control. All eye tracking is processed on a dedicated FPGA chip that can be tuned and dynamically adapted to each user for optimal performance.

“We designed the EyeOn platform for individuals who primarily use eye gaze to control their AAC devices, using our proprietary AEye 2.0 technology for a beautifully compact, highly portable tablet speech-generating device. The all-in-one design liberates AAC users from bulky daisy-chained devices,” says Robert Chappell, founder, CEO, and CTO of EyeTech.

The EyeOn is available with several AAC applications so users can select the best one for their needs. A Success Coach Program is also available, according to the company. Success Coaches can customize the onboarding experience for users and caregivers, leading to improved overall user satisfaction as they regain their independence using their EyeOn device.

[Source(s): EyeOn, Business Wire]