Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation, headquartered in Chattanooga, Tenn, recently announced its official acquisition of St. Barnabas Healthcare Center, as of July 1.

According to a news release from the facility, Siskin Hospital will now expand from a 109-bed rehabilitation hospital to 217 beds, with the addition of 108 sub-acute and nursing home beds at St. Barnabas. The release notes that the expansion allows the not-for-profit hospital to better serve more individuals in Chattanooga and the surrounding areas. Additionally, the acquisition allows Siskin Hospital to increase its continuum of care with the addition of long-term services at St. Barnabas.

Carol Sim, president and CEO, Siskin Hospital, designates the acquisition as “an important investment in our future.”

“As the healthcare world changes, it is ever more important for us to think of ourselves as in the ‘rehabilitation’ business, not just in the ‘rehabilitation hospital’ business. Patients and insurers are looking for more options for rehabilitation, mostly focused on how to ensure the highest level of recovery for the lowest cost, and the beds at St. Barnabas give us another option to offer them,” Sim says.

The release reports that St. Barnabas is located on Siskin Hospital’s main campus and has a connector bridge that is intended to offer convenient access as the facilities and services are further joined.

Sim adds that Siskin Hospital will be investing several hundred thousands dollars to upgrade St. Barnabas’ facility and infrastructure. Sim states that Siskin Hospital will work to integrate its operations where they best fit and leave “separate and distinct” those areas where that is best.

“…Collectively, employees will be involved in this effort with the overarching mission being to optimally serve our patients and community,” Sim explains.

The release states that all St. Barnabas employees who met Siskin Hospital’s standard employment requirements have become Siskin Hospital employees.

David Wildgen, president and CEO, St. Barnabas, points out that the acquisition “will enable us to viably grow our organization for years to come. We are enthusiastically embracing the opportunity of becoming part of the Siskin Hospital team.”

Source(s): Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation, St. Barnabas