EarlySense, headquartered in Waltham, Mass, offers users a fully integrated patient monitoring and supervision platform designed to serve as both a technology platform and management tool. The EarlySense System is intended to provide users with continuous and real-time vital sign and motion information for all beds in a hospital unit. The company adds that the Patient Care Manager (PCM) at the nurses’ station assist on duty nurses with supervising the status of the entire patient population on the floor at all times.

The product is comprised of a contact-free sensor that can be slipped directly beneath the mattress. The EarlySense System continuously measures respiration rate, heart rate, and patient movement. The product also features an adjustable 6 level bed exit alarm, patient turn protocol verification, and an Imebedded Algorithmic Engine (IAE) which converts the patients’ cardioballistic effect, respiratory motion pattern, and large body movements into accurate vital signs and movement rate monitoring. The company adds that this data can be transmitted and displayed at bedside, the nurses’ station, and handheld devices.

For more information, visit http://www.earlysense.com

Source: EarlySense