Now available is Yoga For Amputees: The Essential Guide to Finding Wholeness After Limb Loss for Yoga Students and Their Teachers, a book that offers a way to help amputees find wholeness again through yoga.

The reportedly first-of-its-kind book for people with limb loss is authored by Marsha Therese Danzig, MEd, a below-the-knee amputee, pediatric cancer survivor (Ewing’s sarcoma twice), and kidney transplant recipient. Also reportedly one of the first amputee yoga teachers in the United States, she has been teaching and practicing yoga for more than 3 decades. She has trained a number of recreational therapists over the years in what she calls Yoga for Amputees.

As a young gymnast, she became fascinated by yoga and was intrigued by both the contortions yogis could achieve in their bodies, as well as their ability to control their breath and body temperature. As a teenager, devastated by a second diagnosis of cancer, leg amputation, and aggressive medical treatments, having some control of her body was a life-saver. Her limb loss became her impetus for a lifetime of study in holistic medicine and self-realization, according to a media release.

The book contains a chapter on yoga for amputee veterans, as well in-depth information for clinicians, such as physical therapists, on how to implement a simple yoga protocol into patient care plans.

For more information and to purchase the book, visit Yoga for Amputees.

[Source: Marsha Therese Danzig]