VitalFitSR, developed by dermatologist Paul B. Dean, MD, and others, is formulated to address the skin issues faced by individuals with limb loss and high-risk skin issues.

The product launched recently at the Challenged Athlete Foundation (CAF) Annual Community Weekend event in San Diego.

“We have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction from those in the limb-loss community as a result of this skin-care system,” Dean says in a media release.

“We recognized a need for a clinical system to address the challenges that these individuals face every day. It is unfortunate that those with limb loss have obstacles to living an active, healthy life, and I’m pleased to play a role in helping them overcome barriers related to skin care issues.”

Skin conditions are a leading cause of the inability to comfortably wear prosthetic devices, orthotics or diabetic shoe products. The VitalFitSR system contains a unique blend of ingredients that reduces the potential for inflammation, perspiration, odor, fungal infection, dermatitis, and bacteria. The system also works in conjunction to prevent irritation and dry, chapped skin, the release continues.

For more information, visit VitalFitSR.

[Source(s): VitalFitSR, PRWeb]