A new shoe-tying tool is designed to hold shoelaces in place, easing shoe tying for individuals with limited manual dexterity. The EZLeaps Shoe Tying Aid holds the shoelaces in place to allow the fingers to grasp them. Originally created as a shoe-tying tool for children, the product can reportedly be used by individuals in a variety of age groups, and with a variety of conditions, such as mild stroke, arthritis, autism, and Down syndrome.

Watch a video of the product in action

The product’s website instructs users pinch the laces and make an “x,” tuck, squeeze tightly, and make the first knot. Following this, the tying tool, known as a “loop a loops,” can be placed on top of the knot and a lace can then pulled upward through the hole. The lace is then pulled down through a vertical second hole, creating a loop.

The second lace can then be pulled through the other hole and pulled upward, then pulled down through the second hole to make another loop. The two loops are then pinched to make an “x,” tucked, and squeezed tightly before making a double knot by repeating the previous steps; pinching the loops, making an “x,” tucking, and squeezing tightly. The tying aid can then be pulled off.

For more information visit www.ezleaps.com

[Source: EZLeaps]