Quest Healthcare, A Division of Quest Products LLC, releases a special report titled, “Relieving the Pressure in Pressure Injuries: Strategies for Pressure Injury Management,” detailing long-term health risks of untreated pressure injuries, and strategies for early stage pressure injury management and prevention, including the use of ALOCANE Plus – a product produced by Quest Products LLC and supported by Quest Healthcare.

The report, sponsored by Quest Healthcare, reveals that approximately 2.5 million patients in acute care centers throughout the United States suffer from early-stage pressure injuries each year. Though common among mobile and immobile patients, pressure injury-related complications lead to an estimated 60,000 patient deaths each year. However, when treated in early-stages, pressure injury patients may experience shorter hospital or acute-care admissions, significant pain reduction, and total wound healing.

“We feel this study uncovers the substantial advantages provided by the proactive use of ALOCANE Plus on patients experiencing pressure injuries,” states Margaret Swantko, Director of Sales and Education for Quest Healthcare.

Pain associated with these injuries can be constant and/or severe, causing patients to place a high priority on pain management. ALOCANE Plus can be a useful solution to managing them in the early stage, due to its active ingredients that aid in reducing pain and preventing wound infection. In a study outlined in the report, a clinician describes the successful use of ALOCANE Plus in two elderly patients with painful leg wounds. The clinician reported the use of ALOCANE Plus to not only be more effective in decreasing pain compared to topical lidocaine, it also improved wound beds.

“Quest Products LLC and Quest Healthcare are proud of the innovative research and development of quality products, such as ALOCANE Plus, which allows both companies to provide healthcare providers across the country the ability to enhance the quality of life of their patients,” adds Quest Products LLC SVP of Business Development, Mark McGreevy.

ALOCANE Plus, a healthcare product of Quest Products LLC, offers relief from pain, irritation, dryness and skin damage caused by a range of skin issues, including minor cuts, scrapes and ulcerations. ALOCANE Plus contains 4% lidocaine, the highest levels allowed and approved by the FDA without a prescription, as well as antimicrobial Benzalkonium Chloride to help prevent infection and the anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and healing properties of the aloe plant.

[Source(s): Quest Products LLC, PR Newswire]

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