Your Socialist Message Stinks and Is a Threat on People’s Lives

Rogena Schuyler Silverman,
I find your Editor’s Message “An Ailing Infrastructure”/”Time for a Change in Rehab Management Aug/Sept 2009 Vol 22 No 7 page 6 highly offensive and full of lies. The House version of Obamacare is about euthanasia, physicians spying on their patients, running free enterprise insurance out of business, and untrustworthy government control of people’s lives. I am informed that a euthanasia group wrote the end-of-life counseling part of the current legislation. This is Socialism through and through. You are on the wrong side of this issue. You may have whatever socialist opinion you want in America (though the right to other opinions is currently under great threat), but I and a huge number of other Americans see you and Obamacare as a grave threat to our very lives, as well as our freedom and way of life. Shame on you and on your deceitful message.

I may publicize this response to help counteract the kind of deceit your article promotes.

Gary Wheeler,
physical therapist and freedom loving American

Time For A Change

Dear Rogena,
Thanks again for another great article. Yours is the first thing I read when I get Rehab Management. You asked for questions/concerns at the end of this article, so here goes.

We’ve heard a lot about how the millionaire lifestyles of top insurance company executives are built on the backs of policyholders. This letter is just a reminder that they are also built on the backs of providers. It is unbelievable to me how much money is withheld from my fees, as “not usual or customary,” or even worse, as “fee excess.” (I assure you, my fees are not in excess). Anymore, I’m lucky to get 60% of what I charge. It’s highway robbery, really.

I have liked the recent change in language from “health care reform” to “insurance reform”, because indeed, that’s where it needs to happen, with the insurance industry.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for keeping your finger on the pulse of these issues.

You’re Great!

Ellen Morton,PT


Dear J Rich;
The comments made by Ms Silverman in her “message” of Aug/Sept issue were quite disappointing. To think an editor of a magazine that relies on support and advertising from the very people that will be personally, professionally, and financially negatively impacted by the Obama efforts, would so blatantly offer support to that cause is unbelievable. For her to ask the question of “why is their so much opposition,” certainly exposes how out of touch she is with grass roots health care providers and small business owners.

If this opinion is shared by you and other principles of this publication and further biased views can be expected in the future that support Obama and such mental giants as Harry Reid (next I guess might be a quote from Barney Frank or Nancy Pelosi), then I want you to know I will never advertise in this magazine and I do not want another issue delivered to any of my offices.

The right is certainly Ms Silverman’s to support whatever and whoever, but doing it this way is like a slap in the face. And it makes very little sense to support a plan that will eventually have a negative financial impact on the very company one works for.

William H Breland, PT, SCS, MGS

August/September Correction

Rogena Schuyler Silverman;
I just received the Aug/Sept 2009 issue of Rehab Management and took particular interest in the front cover and lead article on stroke rehab. It is my area of interest and specialty.

I was delighted to see a photo of a therapist treating a stroke survivor on the cover, and even more so that the therapist was an OTR/L (as clearly seen on her employee badge). However, the inside caption says “A physical therapist works with a patient to improve his range of motion.”

Should the caption not read: “An occupational therapist works with a patient to improve his range of motion.”?

Looking forward to your reply,

Jan Davis, MS, OTR/L