The Jonesboro, Ark-based company Spirit Medical Systems Group (SMSG), a division of parent company Dyaco International Inc, has announced the availability of a new line of rehabilitation products. Included among the products offered in the SMSG product line are a treadmill, semi-recumbent seated stepper, and both upright and semi-recumbent bikes.

The products are built to be versatile, cost-effective, and to meet the needs of a wide range of clinical treatment applications, an SMSG news release says.

The company’s MT200 Treadmill features an instrumented deck for gait training, built-in parallel bars, independent incline and decline deck, and forward/reverse belt (which is designed to support retro-walking to promote the use of muscle groups normally not used in forward walking).

The MS300 Semi-recumbent Seated Stepper is built to enable both lower and upper body exercise. Additionally, the release notes that the product’s self-adjusting stroke length accommodates patients’  specific range of motion capabilities, providing low impact, functional movement with minimal stress to lower body joints.

The MR100 Semi-Recumbent Bike and the MU100 Upright Bike offer users independently adjustable crank/pedal lengths, built to accommodate varied ranges of motion bilaterally. Both products also provide multiple resistance modes, including an isokinetic mode and bidirectional resistance. The MR100’s swivel seat is also engineered to provide easy patient/client access.

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[Source: Spirit Medical Systems Group]