Sinai Hospital, headquartered in Baltimore, Md, recently announced that it is now using the Solitaire FR revascularization device to provide treatment for its acute stroke patients. The device is engineered to minimize damage caused by blockage of an artery to the brain, mechanically removing blood clots and restoring blood flow.

John C. Brunson Jr, MD, director of interventional radiology/neurointerventional services at Sinai Hospital emphasizes the significance of the device and its treatment implications in acute stroke patients, “This condition often leads to long-term disability problems and even death if we do not treat it in time. Many acute stroke patients have a window of only a few hours to receive interventional treatment, so every second counts. The device gives us the ability to open up blocked blood vessels more quickly than ever before.”

A Life Bridge Health news release reports that Brunson became the first surgeon in Maryland to use the Solitaire FR to successfully treat a patient with top of the basilar artery stroke. Click here to listen to Brunson discuss the device.

Source: Life Bridge Health