Speech-language pathologists played a critical role in former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ recovery, reports her husband Captain Mark Kelly. Nancy Helm-Estabrooks, ScD, CCC-SLP, was reportedly recruited by Kelly to head Giffords’ speech-language care team. In a recent interview appearing The ASHA Leader Nancy Helm-Estabrooks provides readers with a first-hand account of the vital role that speech-language pathology treatment played during Giffords’ recovery. 

Helm-Estabrooks is professor emerita and former Brewer Smith Distinguished Professor at the department of communication disorders and sciences college of health and human sciences of Western Carolina University.

Helm-Estabrooks spotlights Giffords’ stamina in achieving communications goals, progressing from early incremental process during speech-language treatment to ordering lunch independently at a restaurant. Helm-Estabrooks also reports that integrating music into Giffords’ treatment also assisted during recovery, paired with, “A lot of very good language therapy [that] has helped her to achieve the very clearly articulated verbal expression she has today,” Helm-Estabrooks explains in the interview.

Helm-Estabrooks also emphasizes the need for public accessibility to the kind of care provided to Giffords, “That Gabby is on such a good road to recovery is a testimony to our field, to occupational and physical therapies, rehab medicine, and what a lot of therapy can do. I’m hoping her case brings to public attention how little rehab people with strokes and aspahasia are getting or are allowed.”

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Source: The ASHA Leader