ReWalk Robotics Ltd announces that the Department of Veterans Affairs has awarded the company a delivery order for robotic exoskeletons.

These robotic exoskeletons will be used as part of a 4-year-long, national study that will assess the impact of exoskeleton-assisted walking in the home and community setting on the health and well-being of veterans with spinal cord injury, according to a media release from ReWalk Robotics inc.

The study—the first of its kind, according to the release—will be conducted at 10 VA Medical Centers with Spinal Cord Injury services across the United States, per the release.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs has led the way in its examination of the impact of exoskeleton use and the correlated health benefits experienced by patients,” says ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski, in the release

“We are excited they are continuing to build more quality research data that has the potential to demonstrate the value of home use of an exoskeleton,” he adds.

So far, ReWalk Robotics has shipped six robotic exoskeletons to be used in the study.

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[Source: ReWalk Robotics Ltd]