Sunrise Medical, Fresno, Calif, has announced the product donation recipients of its Propel Donation Program. Sunrise Medical notes that the program was launched in the fall of 2012 and supports its mission of “improving people’s lives” by providing assistance to end users who may not have access to complex rehabilitation products and technology. The Propel Donation Committee reportedly reviews all applications each quarter, selecting one or more individuals to receive product donations.

Kristyn Campbell, marketing manager, Sunrise Medical, explains that, “Once our recipients have been selected, we work with their local supplier and ATP [Assistive Technology Professional] to custom configure the product that the ATP and recipient decide will best complement and enhance the lifestyle of that individual.”

Damon Bosier is the first of the product donation recipients. Bosier, who is from Hawaii, sustained a C6 spinal cord injury (SCI) 10 years ago. In spite of his injury, Bosier has remained a sports and adventure enthusiast. To address his need to cover greater distances and ease propulsion, Bosier and Sunrise Medical worked with Frank Lane, ATP, of National Seating & Mobility in Honolulu, to add Spinergy LX wheels with Schwalbe Marathon tires in an effort to complement his existing Quickie GT wheelchair. Bosier states that the program “awarded me new wheels to promote longevity and independence.”

The program’s second recipient, Cameron Irwin, hails from Tasmania, Australia, and is an avid surfer, skydiver, wake boarder, ATV rider, and motivational speaker. Sunrise Medical notes Irwin experienced an accident 6 years that resulted in quadriplegia. Irwin required a wheelchair to accommodate his active lifestyle, yet did not have access to funding for the equipment. Irwin worked with Steve Fox, regional director, Sunrise Medical, to select a Quickie Q7 ultra lightweight, rigid wheelchair with performance options that include Frog Legs suspension caster forks, Spinergy LX wheels, and Schwalbe Marathon tires.

Online applications for the Propel Donation Program can be found here

[Source: Sunrise Medical]