Whizz-Kidz has retained Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) to refine the DREAM wheelchair concept, which has been designed by children for young wheelchair users. 

In 2017 the charities Whizz-Kidz and Duchenne UK came together, with the help of academics at Edinburgh University and an award of £1m from the People’s Postcode Lottery’s Dream Fund, to design a chair that would not just meet medical needs but harness technology and design to meet a young person’s dreams and aspirations. 

Following a workshop at the Innovation Hub in London in 2018, a shortlist of 72 recommendations were put forward; all of which would address the everyday challenges faced by young wheelchair users. The project team enlisted experts from Curtiss Wright, Somo Global and Aergo to work with Frazer-Nash Consultancy and Edinburgh University to turn the project from a dream into a reality and the DREAM wheelchair prototype was successfully launched in December 2020.

The success of the DREAM wheelchair prototype has enabled further funding to be secured from Duchenne UK and Motability Operations to examine the feasibility of bringing the chair to market, and a range of design and engineering reviews have been commissioned. 

WAE will use its experience in product design to further improve the wheelchair, including a  twist and smart features seat and  kerb climb ability while ensuring the seat is able to support a modular construction. 

Using its knowledge of the healthcare industry, gained through a series of high-profile projects such as Babypod (a lightweight incubator for the transportation of critically ill children) and a Paralympic handbike, the company will ensure the individual needs of the user are central to both the design and manufacture of the wheelchairs.

“We are delighted to be part of this project and welcome the opportunity to contribute to a program that will be making a genuine difference to people’s lives. Our experience with past projects has shown us the importance of prioritizing the needs of the individual and we look forward to delivering some new and innovative design ideas.”

— Paul McNamara, Technical Director, Williams Advanced Engineering

[Source: Williams Advanced Engineering]