The Muscular Dystrophy Association announces the release of the first Highlights of the MDA US Neuromuscular Disease Registry (2013-2016) report.

The report describes data collected during the pilot phase of the MDA US Neuromuscular Disease Registry.

“The registry enables MDA to share information that can lead to a better understanding of the health of individuals who visit MDA-supported Care Centers across the United States,” says MDA president and CEO, Lynn O’Connor Vos, in a media release.

“On the heels of several recent breakthroughs in treatments for ALS, SMA, and DMD, we are thrilled to be able to provide timely insights derived from registry data to serve as a valuable tool for researchers, clinicians, and other key industry stakeholders who will be able to use it to innovate therapy development and transform clinical care for individuals living with neuromuscular disease,” she adds.

[Source: Muscular Dystrophy Association]