Allard USA announces its partnership with the FSHD Society in 2020 to educate the population served by the FSHD Society on how to best manage foot drop.

“Allard USA is pleased to partner with FSHD Society in 2020. Their commitment to improving the lives of those with FSHD is in line with Allard USA’s desire to provide Support for Better Life,” says Dennis Williams, Allard USA CEO, in a media release.

FSHD, Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy, is a genetic disorder that leads to weakening of the skeletal muscles. One of the symptoms of FSHD is foot drop, which, if not properly managed, can lead to falls. 

“Accidental falls are a serious health issue for people with FSH muscular dystrophy,” states June Kinoshita, Director of Research and Patient Engagement at the FSHD Society, in the release “We’re excited to partner with Allard on initiatives to educate our community about the role of orthotics in preventing falls and improving mobility.”

For more information about Allard AFO’s and how Allard USA provides support for better life, visit Allard USA.

For more information about the FSHD Connect conference, FSHD Advocate magazine, and webinars, visit FSHD Society.

[Source: Allard USA]