Cure SMA is now part of the NeurologyLive Strategic Alliance Partnership (SAP) program, according to a news announcement.

NeurologyLive is a multimedia platform dedicated to providing health care professionals who treat neurological diseases with direct access to news and insights in neurology. Cure SMA is a national organization dedicated to finding effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure for spinal muscular atrophy, or SMA.

“Cure SMA does amazing work driving research and supporting the SMA community,” Mike Hennessy, Jr, president and CEO of MJH Life Sciences, parent company of NeurologyLive, in a media release from NeurologyLive. “We are so happy to begin working with them and to support the fight to find a cure for SMA.”

Cure SMA aims to create a world without SMA, one of the leading genetic causes of death for infants. Since 1984, Cure SMA has directed and funded over $80M in comprehensive research to help shape that shapes the scientific community’s understanding of SMA and lead to breakthroughs in treatment and care.

By communicating openly and honestly, giving clear and accurate information, and providing essential support services—such as care packages, equipment to support function, and opportunities to share and learn through the Annual SMA Conference and Summits of Strength—the organization aims to support the SMA community and make sure no individual faces the disease alone, the release continues.

“The introduction of effective treatments and clinical care protocols means that people of all ages with SMA are achieving better outcomes related to survival, mobility, and independence,” says Kenneth Hobby, President of Cure SMA. “As the future of SMA changes, we will rely on partnerships like these to ensure healthcare professionals have the latest information they need to make decisions about treatment and care for their patients living with SMA.”

The NeurologyLive SAP program is building a community of health plans, advocacy groups, medical associations and medical institutions. The program’s goal is to foster collaboration, provide an open exchange of information for the ultimate benefit of healthcare providers, patients, and their families, and improve patient care. As part of this joint effort, NeurologyLive and Cure SMA will share exclusive content with each other and work together to support the SMA community, per the release.

[Source(s): NeurologyLive, Business Wire]