innowalkOttobock, Minneapolis, recently announced its third new partnership agreement of 2013 with Made for Movement, a Norway-based company that develops and produces individually adjusted aids for dynamic standing, walking, and movement. The new agreement provides Ottobock exclusive distribution rights in North America for the company’s Innowalk, a motorized medical device designed to accommodate patients with conditions such as cerebral palsy (CP), spina bifida, paraplegia, and muscle disorders.

Ottobock notes that the product does not require independent standing or mobility for use, and its features are engineered to enable adjustments according to size, mobility needs, and personal motivation of the user. The movement of the legs in the device is similar to normal gait, the company adds, and the walking allows flexion and extension of the hip, knee, and ankle joints. The partnership agreement is one of three that Ottobock reported in 2013.

Matt Swiggum, vice president, Mobility Solutions, US HealthCare, states that the new partnerships are the latest in what has been an ongoing strategy by Ottobock to identify needs in the North American market, “and to bring those aids to families who might not otherwise benefit from these one-of-a-kind devices. Needless to say, we are pleased with these outcomes and look forward to future successes as we continue on this path.”

Birger Johansen, CEO, Made for Movement, adds that, “Ottobock aligns perfectly with Made for Movement’s focus on developing and providing high-end technology solutions that improve quality of life. We are excited through this partnership to make [Innowalk] more widely available and to expand its impact to patients, caregivers, health professionals, and payors in North America.”

[Source: Ottobock]