To help support its growing business, 101 Mobility Houston has hired outside sales specialist Chad Ratcliff. The mobility device retailer and installer reports that Ratcliff brings 15 years of commercial sales experience in the construction and medical rehabilitation industries to his role. The company notes that Ratcliff’s family moved to the Houston area when he was young because his sister had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP) and a move to the city put them closer to Houston’s medical facilities.

According to 101 Mobility, Ratcliff’s family experience and his sales expertise made him an obvious choice for the position. A company news release notes that prior to his hire, Ratcliff did wholesale work with local construction companies and also with the Baytown Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center. Ratcliff brings a strong understanding of OSHA regulations, as well as ADA guidelines to the company.

Ratcliff notes that after his wholesale work with various construction companies, he wanted a change of pace, “It’s incredible to make a living and actually make a difference in someone’s life. They really appreciate what you’re doing and you can read it on their face.

101 Mobility is a full-service sales, service, and installation provider of a line of mobility and accessibility products equipment. This line includes stair lifts, auto lifts, ramps, porch lifts, patient lifts, power wheelchairs, scooters, and more.

Source: 101 Mobility