According to a recent newscast, the Denver, Colo-based company Denver Options, Inc, and the Colorado Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Trust Fund have joined together to help provide TBI patients access to assistive technology that may help them better manage their symptoms. 

The newscast spotlights iPads, smartphones, tablets, laptops and other types of technology designed to make it easier for TBI patients to communicate and keep track of their lives. The ways in which these devices may benefit patients include providing the ability to keep consistently track symptoms, medications, and responses to different medications when visiting new doctors. Patients in the newscast report that the technology allows them to stay organized, feel successful in life, and remain independent. 

Denver Options Inc, aims to provide patients with resources, care coordination, direct services, and technical expertise for individuals, families, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. The company reports that it will host a Technology Test Drive on May 7 to showcase different types of assistive technology available for individuals with brain injuries. 

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Source: KUSA-TV