BIONIK Laboratories Corp, a robotics company focused on providing rehabilitation and assistive technology solutions to stroke survivors and others with neurological and mobility challenges from hospital to home, announces that Tampa General Hospital (TGH), a part of the Kindred Healthcare network, has purchased and recently installed an InMotion ARM/HAND Interactive Therapy System at its Rehabilitation Hospital as part of its missions to offer customized, intense rehabilitation tailored to the individual needs of those recovering from stroke, brain injury, neurological conditions, and more.

InMotion robotic systems have been sold in more than 15 countries to help stroke survivors and those with other neurological conditions to regain arm and hand movement by training shoulder protraction/retraction, flexion/extension, abduction/adduction, internal/external rotation, elbow flexion/extension and hand grasp/release. In the recent patient outcomes data report from BIONIK, Using IoT Data to Quantify InMotion Therapy Gains on Upper Extremity Motor Impairments, patients utilizing its robotic devices measured upwards of 15-20% improvement in their ability to move more smoothly, with intention, and in a controlled manner over a 14-day time-frame.

InMotion robotic therapy guides the patient through specific tasks, aiming to improve motor control of the arm and hand by increasing strength, range of motion and coordination, and assisting with the provision of efficient, effective, intensive sensorimotor therapy. TGH Rehabilitation Hospital is the most recent facility to purchase InMotion Therapy to bring the robotic technology to its patients from the Gulf Coast region of Florida.

“The InMotion device will provide TGH’s clinicians with an invaluable technology that will offer each of their patients effective and efficient therapy sessions, allowing them to track upwards of 1,000 movements per session,” said Richard Russo, Jr., interim CEO and Chief Financial Officer of BIONIK. “We are thrilled to be working with Tampa General Hospital as we continue to expand our presence with the Kindred network to reach more patients.”

The number of hospitals and rehabilitation centers in the U.S. utilizing an InMotion robotic device has increased three-fold since 2019. Through BIONIK’s partnership with Kindred hospitals across the country, who use InMotion robotic devices within their Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, more than 250 patients utilize the assistive robotic devices each month.

[Source(s): BIONIK Laboratories Corp, Business Wire]

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