artechAretech LLC recently announced that its product line, including the ZeroG Gait and Balance training system, will now be sold directly to customers. Aretech is a producer of advanced rehabilitation technologies for improving function and independence after neurological injuries
Joe Hidler, PhD, CEO of Aretech, states he is excited that “Aretech is now selling our product line directly, since we have the expertise and experience that distributors cannot offer our customers.”
The ZeroG Gait and Balance training system was developed by the Virginia-based company and is an advanced rehabilitation system that provides body-weight support to a patient as they practice activities of daily living, such as walking and balance activities.
The ZeroG system was developed by Hidler in collaboration with a team of scientists and physical therapists, and is presently being used in 33 centers in the US and Canada. The system uses a patented robotic technology and is designed to monitor information about the patient at more than 1,000 times per second in order to promptly detect a fall and catch the user.
Therapists can also adjust patient-fall distance, the amount of body-weight support, and walking speed so as to modify the intensity and difficulty of a training session.
According to the news release, Aretech continues to collaborate with physicians, physical therapists, and scientists to develop and advance rehabilitation technologies, and is dedicated to improving treatment options for patients, according to the company.
[Source: Aretech]