A recent press release from the Cambridge, Mass-based ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI) announces the organization’s launch of a new social media fundraising campaign designed to raise money and awareness to end amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

According to the press release, the online grass-roots fundraising campaign, Arrest ALS, is an Old West-themed interactive, online, fundraising game in which participants volunteer to be “arrested” and co-workers, family, and friends can “bail them out” by making donations.

Matt Watkins, Arrest ALS volunteer co-chair, articulates the hope that participants will have fun playing the game and, more importantly, “We hope to raise awareness and urgency to put an end to this terrible disease,” Watkins says.

Tish Tanski, vice president at ALS TDI, echoes Watkins’ sentiment, “…It is a fun and interactive way to promote our mission, to end ALS. This program is specially designed to empower more people with the tools they need to help us achieve our mission, by using the same communication tools they use everyday in Facebook and Twitter,” Tanski says.

The release adds that all proceeds will go to support ALS TDI’s research program, which is geared toward pinpointing an effective therapy for ALS.

To participate or donate, visit http://www.arrestals.com

Source: ALS TDI