The 6th Annual Roll on Capitol Hill is scheduled for June 11-14 in Washington, DC.

The event, led by United Spinal Association, is an opportunity for disability advocates to speak directly with legislators regarding issues that affect the independence and quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries and disorders, and other pre-existing conditions.

Event host Andrea Daizell, Ms Wheelchair New York 2015, will specifically urge her state representatives to provide people living with spinal cord injuries and disorders in New York greater access to complex rehab technology, according to a news release from United Spinal Association.

“Complex rehab technology is extremely important to me. Twenty-five years in a wheelchair means that I have wear and tear on my shoulders and my body,” says Dalzell, who was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis at the age of 5, a neurological condition that causes inflammation of the spinal cord.

“People like me need customized wheelchair design to prevent injury, prevent wounds, and to keep us living independently,” she adds.

Due to Medicare’s current regulations, customized components are very difficult for wheelchair users to acquire, according to the release.

Another of her concerns is the potential repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“The reason why I am alive today is because of the ACA. In 2010 I had a stage 4 wound that would not heal. I was on basic Medicaid seeing regular doctors instead of specialists,” Dalzell states.

Dalzell’s mom was able to add her to her ACA healthcare plan, per the release.

“Even with a pre-existing condition I was not denied. It was only then I was able to see the specialist who performed my surgery and healed me,” she shares.

For more information about the Roll on Capitol Hill, visit United Spinal Association.

[Source(s): United Spinal Association, PR Newswire]