A new survey released by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society reveals how the high cost of MS medications affect those who are living with the disease.

Results from the survey suggest that 40% of the respondents who take a disease modifying therapy (DMT) altered or stopped taking their medication due to the high cost, and more than half of respondents are concerned about being able to afford their DMT over the next few years.

“People with MS are paying the price, not only financially, but also physically and emotionally,” said Bari Talente, executive vice president, advocacy, National MS Society, in a media release. “When someone alters or stops the use of their DMT, it can lead to increased symptoms, relapses, stress and anxiety. We need to make these medications affordable and accessible so people already facing a chronic illness don’t have to deal with deciding between buying groceries for their families or paying for their medication.”

In addition, the survey reveals:

  • 40% experience stress or emotional impact due to high out-of-pocket costs
  • Nearly 40% of respondents have made sacrifices in their lifestyle or spending (increased use of credit cards, can’t save for future)
  • 85% think the federal government should do more to control high drug costs
  • 82% think the prices of MS DMTs are unreasonable
  • Only 11% of those surveyed could easily afford the cost of their medication without financial assistance

“MS DMTs have changed the landscape for people with relapsing forms of MS, but these medications can’t change lives unless they are accessible,” Talente continues. “We need to find solutions.”

[Source(s): National MS Society, PRWeb]