What is it really like to live with a disability? In The Hardship of Growing Up On Wheels: A Memoir, author Thomas G. Kandiah shares what he has experienced in his 24 years living with cerebral palsy since birth.

His disability may limit his physical freedom, but his heart and mind is free to go wherever his thoughts may take him, he notes.

In the book, Kandiah takes readers along on his life journey through his painful experiences and bouts of negativity as he looks for that one sliver of hope that would help keep him going.

“I have been brutally honest with the events that have happened in my short 24 years on this planet. It hasn’t been easy for me to go back and relive memories that sent me to the brink of despair. However, I have decided that I am a survivor, and I want to put the past behind me and hopefully help others who are maybe going through a similar experience.” Kandiah comments, in a media release from AuthorHouse.

Kandiah relives that moments when he was just starting a new school, being bullied, experiencing love for the first time, his mother’s change of behavior, and dealing with the unknown, having to fly the nest and living alone and dealing with the consequences.

In sharing his story, Kandiah hopes to convey in his readers a deep understanding of people with disabilities that are struggling with life. “Hoping they appreciate the honesty and have an understanding on what one might go through, having tough times with little to no help,” he concludes, in the release.

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