Excy now offers the new Hang On Bar accessory, designed for use on Excy’s no-scoot portable exercise bikes. The Hang On Bar allows riders to leverage their upper body to aggressively pedal Excy while lying down to target muscles in the trunk, lower back, glutes, legs, calves, and feet from a supine cycling position.

Excy has also released a new dual-purpose hand and foot pedal for added convenience and comfort when switching between its upper and lower body cycling workouts, the company notes in a media release.

“The ability to pedal Excy while lying down has been one of our most popular riding positions, whether it’s on the floor, in bed, or on a therapy table. For some, they pick this position for general fitness, but for others, it might be the only way they can exercise due to an injury, chronic pain, or a health condition that favors supine cycling.

“The Hang On Bar brings numerous new exercises to our lying down cycling capabilities and opens up more versatility for physical therapy, medical fitness, and advanced training.”

— Michele Mehl, co-founder and CEO of Excy

Built for Heavy-Duty Usage

Excy’s XCS 200 portable exercise bikes are built for heavy-duty usage and offer a range of upper and lower body cycling workouts. In one system that folds for easy storage and transport, riders can use Excy as a recumbent exercise bike, upper body ergometer, step cycle, and a lying down bike. With 2 to 70 pounds of bi-directional resistance, Excy portable bikes are capable of light to athletic performance levels for cardio, strength training, and range of motion exercises, per the release.

Excy’s design features Keeper, a flexible durable material made of vinyl and coated fabric that uses the rider’s body weight to prevent the bike from scooting, whether in a kneeling, lying down, or sitting position.

The new Hang On Bar attaches to the Keeper in seconds, allowing the rider to hold on and crank their legs at significantly higher forces while lying down compared to without it. The new Excy Hand Foot Pedal makes it easy and convenient for riders to rotate between pedaling their hands or feet without ever having to swap out the pedals, the release continues.

[Source(s): Excy Corporation, PRWeb]

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