The University of Florida has launched the UF SmartDrive driver rehabilitation program, which aims to improve the driving skills of older adults and anyone who has medical conditions that may affect their driving ability.

The service is available for clients in the greater Gainesville, Fla, area and throughout north-central Florida.

As part of the service, participants will be evaluated regarding their conditions that may be affecting their driving, will test their capabilities using a test vehicle in the driving simulator lab, and will be given tools to help them drive more efficiently.

“Essentially, we have no driver rehabilitation services between Pensacola, Jacksonville, and Orlando. So we are really excited to bring this service to Gainesville and to serve the population in Gainesville and in North Central Florida,” says UF SmartDrive Director Sherrilene Classen in a news story from WCJB 20.

For more information, visit University of Florida Health.

[Source: WCJB 20]