Craig Hospital, Englewood, Colo, reports that it will be hosting its annual “Hobie Day” July 27 at Cherry Creek Reservoir. Event attendees will include patients and their families from all over the US with paralysis and brain injury, hospital staff, more than 75 volunteers, and the Colorado Hobie Fleet, which is comprised of 13 Hobie Cat sailboats and captains. 

The “Hobie Day” event is designed to offer patients the opportunity to experience the possibilities available to them after catastrophic injury through “applied therapy.” A Craig Hospital release notes that patients and families will have the opportunity to sail or ride in boats, navigate the beach, and learn the importance of taking care of themselves during extended periods of exposure to heat and sun. In this way, nurses, therapists, and other departments will assist patients in testing their rehabilitation and self-care skill in real-world conditions.

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Source: Craig Hospital