The Figure 8 System, available through North Coast Medical, Gilroy, Calif, aims to allow users to design a weighted exercise program to strengthen scapula, shoulder, and forearm muscles. The company’s website notes that the Complete Exercise System features a vinyl-covered board with a figure 8 pattern, an Upper/Lower Extremity Skate, and a resistance system that hooks to the skate at four different points.

The Resistance System is comprised of an adapted C-clamp, pulley with ropes, and nine 8-ounce weights. The Figure 8 Board measures 44 inches by 25 inches and features a metal rim on three sides. A universal handpiece on the skate is designed to cradle the forearm and positions the hand for shoulder and elbow range of motion exercises.

The handpiece can accommodate the left or right hand or be removed for lower extremity exercising.

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[Source: North Coast Medical]