In Brief Vs Brace, available from Page Publishing, author Zee Jones shares the story of one woman’s need for a knee replacement and the postoperative journey she endured on the way back to normalcy.

Ms Jones finds humor in the knee tears, water pills, and even being forced to wear adult diapers while recovering in a rehabilitation center, notes a media release from Page Publishing.

“Zelma Jones set out to have her right knee replaced for her fifty-something birthday present to herself. After years of playing softball coupled with everyday wear and tear, both knees were worn out. The plan was to have the left knee replaced within six months to a year of the right knee. However, three months after her right-knee replacement, Zelma had to have her left knee replaced,” Jones shares in the release.

“This started a journey of torn tendons, braces, almost MRIs, MRIs, infections, super-antibiotics, blood transfusions, PICC lines, water pills, adult briefs, and a seriously dangerous situation when the body can no longer rid itself of excessive fluid.

“As only Zelma can do, she began adding her sense of humor to the events unfolding right before her eyes. This story is good for and will touch anyone and everyone who has ever thought about, had, or will have knee-replacement surgery,” she adds.

[Source(s): Page Publishing, PRWeb]