maybe amputee_coalThe Knoxville, Tenn-based Amputee Coalition has announced that Daniel Brown, Knoxville mayor, has designated April 12 as Limb Loss Awareness Day. The event is slated to be held on Market Square in Knoxville from 11 am to 1 pm EST and is a component of a national April Limb Loss Awareness Month campaign, according to the Coalition.

Kendra Calhoun, president, CEO, Amputee Coalition, notes that, “Limb loss is not uncommon, and, sadly, is becoming less uncommon every day. Tennessee has the third-highest rate of diabetes in the country, which is a major cause of amputations due to vascular complications. Our goals for Limb Loss Awareness Day in Knoxville are to heighten public awareness about limb loss and to increase people’s understanding of prevention—especially those most at risk.”

The event will provide attendees live music, prevention materials, and door prizes. The Coalition adds that Knoxville Amputee Coalition support groups and representatives from other local nonprofit organizations will join the event as well. A recent news release reports that Limb Loss Awareness Month has gained local, state, and national support.

The release also notes that Jim Haslam, Tennessee governor, has spotlighted April as Limb Loss Awareness Month, proclaiming it be celebrated statewide. Mayor Brown is scheduled to present a proclamation to the Amputee Coalition declaring the April 12 awareness day.

The Coalition states that to date, 30 state governors have designated April as Limb Loss Awareness Month in their states. During the month of April, nationwide, amputee support groups, veterans, prosthetists, rehabilitation centers, and individuals with limb loss will be participating in a number of activities in their local areas to raise awareness.

Calhoun emphasizes the importance of the awareness month, as many individuals remain unaware of the causes behind amputation. “The fact is, limb loss affects every generation from young to old and people from all walks of life. While 60% of the amputations are preventable, traumatic limb loss can happen to anyone, from lawn mower and farm equipment accidents to motorcycle and car accidents.”

To learn more about the Knoxville Limb Loss Awareness Day activities, click here.

[Source: Amputee Coalition]